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The Rada is going to increase the amount of maternity benefits

The Draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On State Assistance to Families with Children" regarding the amount of assistance at birth (adoption) of a child and the establishment of state assistance for childcare until the child reaches the age of three (Reg.No. 11072), submitted by MP O. Saladukha and other MPs of Ukraine, proposes to

► to increase the amount of state aid at the birth (adoption) of a child, namely to establish that:

  • childbirth assistance is provided in the amount of a multiple of 150 subsistence minimums for the first child; a multiple of 100 subsistence minimums for the second child; a multiple of 50 subsistence minimums for the third and each subsequent child;
  • the child adoption allowance shall be granted in the amount established for the first child's birth allowance;

► to provide that the benefit is paid as a one-time payment in the amount of twenty times the subsistence minimum at birth, with the remaining amount of the benefit for the first - third and each subsequent child paid in equal installments over the next 36 months in accordance with the procedure established by the CMU;

► to establish that the one-time in-kind assistance "baby package" is provided within a period not exceeding 30 calendar days from the date of birth of the child in accordance with the procedure established by the CMU.

During the discussion, the Committee members supported the draft law, as it is extremely important to support parents who are making a difficult decision to have a child in a difficult time of full-scale war.

After the state abandoned the linkage of the childbirth allowance to the subsistence level in 2014, the ability of parents to effectively use this allowance for their child's needs has been significantly reduced due to inflationary processes.

The Committee members also noted that after the draft law is adopted as a basis, the main committee may adjust the amount of payments at birth for the first, second, third and each subsequent child, respectively.


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