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Increase or decrease: how monthly alimony is regulated

Over time, the amount of alimony may become insufficient to fully provide for the child's financial needs. Parents can agree on increasing the amount of monthly payments on their own or apply to the court with a corresponding application.

If an agreement is not reached, the parties should provide the following to substantiate their position

  • Evidence of a change in the financial situation (certificates of income of the parents, loan agreements, any other documents that may be evidence of a change in the financial situation, its deterioration or improvement)
  • evidence of deterioration or improvement in health (medical certificates, doctor's reports, medical histories, doctor's recommendations on the need for treatment);
  • evidence confirming a change in marital status (e.g., birth of children by the alimony payer, additional expenses for the maintenance of their disabled parents).

At the same time, there are grounds for reducing the amount of alimony. This is possible when the payer proves in court that his or her funds are not spent for their intended purpose. The report of the guardianship and custody authority is one of the ways to legally prove your concerns. Thus, at the request of the alimony payer (except for those in arrears), inspection visits to the alimony recipient are carried out by the guardianship and trusteeship authority unscheduled, but no more than once every three months.

Eastern Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice

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