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The Government has determined the enterprises that will be cut off from electricity last

By Resolution No. 600 dated 24.05.2024, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Procedure for Determining and Applying Limits on Electricity Consumption.

In particular, clause 30 of the Procedure contains a list of critical facilities that must be provided with priority electricity supply in accordance with the established minimum load, including

- critical infrastructure facilities of the fuel and energy sector and the life support system sector included in the Register of Critical Infrastructure Facilities

- healthcare facilities of state or municipal ownership;

- military units and territorial centers for recruitment and social support (including facilities used for the territorial community under martial law);

- enterprises of the defense complex of Ukraine, in particular those that perform mobilization tasks (orders) for the creation, production, repair and supply of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, special components, as well as railway transport enterprises;

- enterprises whose activities are important for ensuring food, economic and/or energy security of the country,

- enterprises with a continuous production cycle;

- electronic communication networks;

- public authorities (the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, central executive authorities, law enforcement agencies (internal affairs agencies, prosecutor's offices, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine).

Lists of critical facilities are prepared and approved by regional and Kyiv city state administrations (military administrations). The information on the objects contained in the list is restricted information, the protection of which is required by law.

Resolution No. 600 comes into force one month after its publication and is valid for the period of martial law and six months after its termination or cancellation.

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